Sunday, March 12, 2006

A CrackWhore Can Get Pregnant

Why is everyone I know suddenly pregnant? Wait, I'll have to come back to that one later.

This week was the One-Act Festival at work. Much overtime was accumulated and much sleep lost forever in the sands of time. Aside from a satisfied glow of a project well done and now complete I received personally wonderful accolades. After many dry years at the festival my theatre company finally managed to take home an award! Who's the Best Director? Oh, I think that's me!!

I'm apparently only allowed to have a swelled head until Monday so I thought I better log on fast while I still had the chance. A particularly satisfying year to take home that particular award as the adjudicator is a bigwig director here. I guess it takes genius to spot genius. :) Wow, even that might be too much swelled head for me!

In all seriousness, I always knew I was good but it's still nice to have some public reinforcement. Also got to accept the award in the prescence of sworn rivals (ha!) who went home empty-handed.

I mean, seriously, a crackwhore can get pregnant but give her a piece of theatre and let's see her try to direct.


Meg said...

You are indeed the Woman. I'd say you get at least 3 more days of swelled least!

Now, about that hiatus?

Matthew said...

Many people win many awards for mnay things, theater is not that essential to everday life. Your head could not possible be that big.

Lady Rose said...

I beg to differ Matthew. Theatre is, in fact, essential to everyday life. Apparently not for you, whoever you are.

Plus that doesn't change the fact that it's pretty damn easy to get pregnant and much more effort to win an award.