Monday, March 06, 2006

The Grocery Store Episode

This one's for you Megs....

The Plight of the Fat Girl (Part 1 in a Neverending Series of Shame)
The Grocery Store Episode
Everyone does this in the grocery store right? Judging the food of the people in front of and behind you in line. So last Saturday I'm at the store with Mr. Rose stocking up for a movie night, the usual pound of ju-jubes, bag of chocolate things (in this case tasty, tasty skor bites), pretzels for him, chips for her (with herb & spice dip of course) and a case of Diet Pepsi. (Oh I know what you're thinking, just keep it to yourself poptart) Oh and I think we also had a bunch of bananas, got to keep it balanced right?
Anyways, we're in line and I look at the skinny little spin tart behind us who is purchasing two! 5lb bags of nasty frozen shrimpy things, a dozen apples and some All Bran bars. Boy howdy did I ever judge her skinny ass. But then I looked down at the conveyer belt filled with another weekend of shame and realized.....she too, might be judging me. But probably not, skinny people are too busy being skinny and beautiful and loved to be bother with judging us tubbies right? (ah if only)
But the thing is, she wasn't even particularly skinny or spin-tarty. She was just some regular-sized girl buying ingrediants for some Apple Bran Shrimp Bake or something. And she probably didn't even notice our ju-jubes or matching over-the-jeans bellies. She was probably just reaind the tabloid headlines and waiting for her turn to pay. Oblivious in her confidence in her regular-sized self. Bitch.


Lady Rose said...

What is up with my formatting? All of a sudden my text is different. Everything blobs together where I had created beautiful paragraphs. Blech!

Meg said...

Skinny bitches. Damn them and their oblivious nature, and their miniskirts and footless leggings.

damn them.

wilfredo pascual said...

have you heard of filmmaker and playwright neil la butte's play called fat girl? i met neil in dc a month ago and got a copy of the play. we should really do this, play the two characters.

wilfredo pascual said...

i'm serious. email me your snail mail address and i'll send you a copy of the play. email me your address at

Meg said...

I think you need that script. Screw the hiatus! Then we can ride your fame to fortune and notoriety, and maybe I'll even get a bio.

Probably not, though.