Friday, March 17, 2006

I Don't Care. I Really Don't

Well, I was having a perfectly fine fact, it was just dandy. I've got a Doog-a-thon to look forward to, not overly busy at work, just ate a freshly baked poppyseed muffin...all in all, a dandy morning indeed.

As per usual a human has ruined it for me. Please tell me why it's my fault that someone else gave you bad information? Look here you smelly Why is this so hard to understand? Our phone number isn't on their posters/website/advertising. Don't even get me started on why the fuck you would want to see that pap in the first place...oh no, too late...

What is the fucking point? It's the same goddamn shows every year. There is nothing new or good or interesting about fucking Gilbert and Sullivan. They only do the goddamn shows in the first place because they're public domain. One man's cheapness!!! And they recycle the same shows every four years!! why, why, why...will someone please tell me why???

Why do people want to see bland, repetitive, dry theatre anyways? If you want crap I'm sure there's a Blockbuster Video located in your neighbourhood where you can rent The 40 Year Old Virgin for much cheaper than the price of a theatre ticket.

Oh yeah, and if some schmuck at some other phone number told you the wrong thing (or more likely you were too stupid to actually listen to the answers to the questions you posed), don't tell me about it! I don't care. I really don't.

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