Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Something Has To Give

How can someone as sweet and loveable as me be so loathed by an entire group of people? As I finished typing that sentence my coworker arrived and plopped down a box of donuts. Let's for a moment put aside the fact that I'm doing personal shit at work, I do get everything I need too done in a day...and usually some other people's work as well. I swear, I'm just terribly efficient. I'll get back to my original story in a later post but for now......

The Plight of the Fat Girl (Part 2 in a Neverending Series of Shame)
When People Bring Food To Work
Okay, so I'm about to go the fridge and get out my yogurt for my mid-morning snack. Healthy choices! But then, the box of donuts. First of all, it is impossible for me to say no. He brought them in to be nice. He feels bad that he never shows up for work on time. The donuts are his way of saying, hey thanks for putting up with that shit. To say no would be rejecting him and everything he stands for.
But do I really have to eat two donuts and a chocolate timbit? Probably not. As I'm chowing down on cakey goodness I think about how this counteracts every good thing I've done this week. But all of a sudden I'm required to eat to be social, to be friendly, to get along with people I see all the time. It's not just work either. I'm a fairly social person. Eating happens alot when I'm being sociable with people.
And, no, you cannot, in fact, order a salad when you're out. You're at a pub. You order nachos or pot stickers or something deep fried. There's a running joke about ordering the veggie platter (which is usually a pretty sad thing only made palatable by drenching everything in ranch dip and thereby nullifying all the good effects of the vegetables anyways). Not to mention that beer is just empty calories. And, no, you cannot, in fact, order a lite beer if you are under the age of 40. Plus, lite beer tastes like shit.
The real problem with the donut is that I am so easily derailed. There's no possible way I can make up for that. Do you know how many stairs I would have to climb to burn off those calories? It's impossible. And so, I give up.
Willpower is not something you have or don't have. It's a very difficult state of mind to attain, and it is not a steady state. There is so much working against you all the time. You just can't be in control of every aspect of your life...something has to give. Even though I intellectually understand that I do not want the donut, I know I will have another this afternoon.


Lady Rose said...

Why is it that everytime I write a fat girl episode my formatting falls apart? Coincidence? I think not.

Meg said...

Hey! I request a post, and sure enough, here it is!

I really feel for this one. It truly hits home. Pass the chips.

Lady Rose said...

You do motivate me Megan. You motivate me to slack off at work to write in my blog.

You're a great friend.