Friday, April 07, 2006

Sex and the City Itch

I've been feeling the itch lately....the Sex and the City itch. With Mr. Rose being away the last two days have been a scratchfest. I was obsessed with SatC when I was living in Thailand. It was one of the first pirated things I bought. I'll admit that I had low expectations. Previously I was not a huge Sarah Jessica Parker fan. But, ultimately, she won me over.

The down side of my SatC binge, of course, is that my life pales in comparison. The only similarity between my and those hot galleons is the constant eating. Have you noticed this by the way? They are always eating, constantly...sometimes multiple times in an episode. But aside from a couple Miranda at the gym episodes and a run where Carrie stops to smoke, you so rarely see them exercising. But obviously to have those bodies these women are exercising constantly. What are the ladies trying to tell me?

Anyways, aside from the eating...they don't just go to bingo, they go to drag queen bingo. Why don't they have drag queen bingo in Calgary? I would totally be there! And why can't you wear fancy clothes anywhere in Calgary? Jeans and t-shirts, jeans and t-shirts. Fancy in Calgary is wearing high heels with your jeans and t-shirt.

le sigh.

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