Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nothing But Calm

That long weekend actually turned out okay. huh. So.....hmmmm. What to rant about...have I mellowed? I think theatre is bad for me, when I'm not all show-involved I'm totally more relaxed....

I have this friend that I only talk to over email. He lives on the other side of the world and I haven't actually seen him in the flesh for about 4 years now, which is actually a longer span of time than we knew each other face t0 face. Anyways, we used to have these epic email arguements about everything under the sun. He always wins, of course, which I attribute to his nearly-PhD'd status. People with philosophy degress can argue you under the table and I'm never quite sure at the end how it happened. sneaky bastards.

Anyways, recently our emails have been a really boring series of how are you? good, how are you? things. It's not that I'm not interested in his progress job-hunt wise, I totally am. And in some ways I really enjoy it becuase he can be a bit close about what's happening in his world. It's just that usually we would be ranting back and forth about something (in addition to tiny life tidbits)...or I would be moping/sobbing/whining about some aspect of my life. He's a wonderful therapist. But lately I haven't had anything to mope/sob/whine about, not really. I'm all even-keeled. Even right now at this very moment, nothing but calm. I am, temporarily at best, a calm blue ocean.

weirded out.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Looming Long Weekend

bleh. That's how I feel today. oh so...bleh. Perhaps it's the looming long weekend. I have nothing fabulous planned. Sure there's things here and there: a hike here, a craft project there...but really, nothing of consequence. I'm sensing a looong weekend of whining about how bored I am and at the same time being completely unwilling to do anything to alleviate my boredom. Oh yeah baby, that is the joy of the me.

Somehow someone has managed to stay married to me for 4 years. Amazing. I mean, obviously I'm a real wildcat in the sack, but who knew that was enough to keep a marriage together? (yes, I did just again laugh at my own joke. Sometimes I wonder if anyone else finds me funny. The written word, she does not carry the tonality my voice does). Shout out to my spouse for being oh so very tolerant.

I can't believe I just "Shouted Out" to someone. Megan can get away with that but I'm waaaay too old for that shit. Oops, I swore! Yet another episode that work-based blog checkers won't be able to read due to restrictive HR policies.

um...posse out?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Wore The Shirt

I don't actually have anything of interest to say. I was just reading my last post and I'm afraid I have to admit I laughed at myself. Yes, that's right, I laughed at my own joke. How sad is that? I can't help it, anytime I see the phrase "thanks for nothing" used in a situation where it is a genuinely applicable phrase I can't help but giggle.

I just want to clarify that the guy in question doesn't actually have a small penis. It really was just an example. Women totally go for the penis disparagement when a guy is being a dick, like this guy was being. So, seriously...I was joking.

Today I wore a shirt to work that has paint on it. Someone...I'm not naming names...forgot to set the alarm clock last night so I was a bit rushed this morning. I put on this red shirt wondering to myself...why haven't I worn this shirt recently? I assumed it was because it made me look fat like so many of my clothes do (because I am fat, it's not the clothes fault). Anyways, I was rushed and really, I am fat so who cares if I look especially fat on any given day? So, I wore the shirt. Well, apparently the reason I don't wear it is becuase it has a huge streak of black paint on it.


at least it matches the paint blob on my jeans.