Monday, June 26, 2006

A Burning Desire to Be A Spy

See, I told you this would happen. Oh the strain of keeping my blog updated. I'm the sort of person that gets really excited about a project, does a lot of planning, throws herself into the intial phases...but then eventually loses interest. But what, you may be asking, has replaced all other extra-curricular activities in my life?


Now, as a general rule I don't like television. There are two reasons for this. The first is that most television is crap. I mean it, total crap. When you look back on your life 40 years from now do you really want one of your notable accomplishments to be that you watched 10+ hours of television a week. It is a waste of your life. The second reason is that I don't like being advertised to. Even though I'm concious and critical of advertising I still don't like it (stupid F150 episode of Alias).

So, TV shows on DVD helps alleviate those two reasons. It cuts out all the advertising, other than the highly obnoxious stuff embedded into the show..."quick Vaughn, the F150" lingering shot of F150 logo on truck...but it does cut out the commericals, which are arguably more obnoxious just based on quantity. Also, it allows me to seperate the wheat from the chaff in terms of programming. I find a show I like, I procure it (through entirely legal and legitimate means I'm sure), I watch it.

The downside? I get hooked on shows like Alias or Battlestar Galatica where the plots are very intense and the end of an episode is a cliffhanger more likely than not. So, I may go for weeks without watching anything...and then I watch 2 seasons of Alias in a week and a half.

Plus, even though the show is good I turn into one of those tvbot people, staring glassy eyed at the screen for hours on end. I wonder if people led more fulfilled lives before television? Or even before television became so pervasive? I like to think I keep a healthy balance of extra-curricular activities and other more intellectually active pursuits...but then I notice that two weeks have gone by and all I have to show for them is a major crush on Agent Michael Vaughn and a burning desire to be a spy.

A crushing realization to be sure. I think this entry has a moral, you know, to teach me a lesson about myself. Something about how judgemental I can be. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Too true Jesus, too true. I think I'll just slink back to my couch now...

previously on Alias....

Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh Dear God

Please God, hear my prayer. Save me from the hell that is a three-day Simply Accounting course.

'nuff said really.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Top 5

No specific reason for this post (obviously lying), just trying to think of something to write about and this happened across my brain (still lying, blog motivated by specific event).

Top 5 Things I Do NOT Want To Talk To My Co-Workers About

5. Finances - we all make different monies, why go there?
4. Banal Life Details - do they really want to know that I've switched to Herbal Essences shampoo? I think not
3. Where I am in my "cycle" - 'nuff said, really
2. Who I'm currently crushing on - sadly, no one at the moment...but if I do start crushing on someone my co-workers are never going to know

1. My visit to the sex toy store late Friday night - if I did indeed go to a sex toy store on Friday night and if I did indeed make a purchase, I'm just really not into having a discussion in the office about it, with my boss and other co-workers 5 feet away, I'm just sayin'. But thanks for that Megan, thanks for passing that info along...not awkward at really got my back.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Beautiful And Rare Moment

I love reading people's blogs who really lay it all out there. The ones that just talk openly about this or that event or how someone let them down or how they let themselves down. When I run across an entry like that it just makes me happy, it's so much more interesting than some inane post about going to see a Blue Jays game.

The thing I love most is when someone else posts about an event I was at. This is a beautiful and rare moment, to see the same experience through someone else's eyes. So, as an example, Jody felt (apparently) that my friends and I were shooting her dirty looks all night at this party. huh. I wasn't aware. And now the question is...were we shooting her dirty looks and we just don't remember doing so or was she just assuming that's what we were going to do and so it became true in her mind?

The thing about Jody is, I don't really have anything against her. I certainly don't hate her just because one of my friends does. That being said, I never really liked her much. She's a bit bland, I never really got anything interesting out of her. Also, she's one of those girls who chases after guys who are involved. Or at least I, with my own eyes, watched her do that with one guy (the second guy it was more just a suspicion based on past actions). I don't like girls that chase attached boys, especially when they're attached themselves. It bugs me and I can't really respect someone after that. That being said, I've never been anything but polite to her. She hid from me on a balcony at a party because she was afraid of me, it was confusing to me at the time. I think now she realizes that the person actually likely to cause her physical harm is not me.

I do agree with her on one point though. The party was a bit sucky. It was so dark I couldn't even see who anyone was in their costumes. And there were all these different little cliques there so it was hard to mingle. Plus it was too loud and squishy so you couldn't even have an actual conversation anyways, just bland party speak. Lame-o. I did leave early, and was happy that I did.

Anyways, I know it makes people happy to know that other people care enough about them to talk about them...I wouldn't call this behind her back really, it is a public forum. And I could have said this all to her face if she wasn't so careful to keep a 10 foot clear zone around me. But there you have it, like anybody that I know vaguely Jody is on my occasional blog circuit. One day I hope everyone I know will have a blog and then I'll have all the time filler I'll ever need.