Monday, June 05, 2006

Top 5

No specific reason for this post (obviously lying), just trying to think of something to write about and this happened across my brain (still lying, blog motivated by specific event).

Top 5 Things I Do NOT Want To Talk To My Co-Workers About

5. Finances - we all make different monies, why go there?
4. Banal Life Details - do they really want to know that I've switched to Herbal Essences shampoo? I think not
3. Where I am in my "cycle" - 'nuff said, really
2. Who I'm currently crushing on - sadly, no one at the moment...but if I do start crushing on someone my co-workers are never going to know

1. My visit to the sex toy store late Friday night - if I did indeed go to a sex toy store on Friday night and if I did indeed make a purchase, I'm just really not into having a discussion in the office about it, with my boss and other co-workers 5 feet away, I'm just sayin'. But thanks for that Megan, thanks for passing that info along...not awkward at really got my back.


Meg said...

Hey now. When asked, "What did you do on Friday night?", the only response I had was, "Went to Adult Source, with Amanda."

Is there something wrong with that? I apologize, none the less, it probably was inappropriate.

Lady Rose said...

But on Friday night you went and saw Hair then met Amanda and her friends at the Kilkenny. This wasn't enough information to describe your Friday night to my co-worker??

Plus you told him he'd have to ask me what exactly went down in the he did. I'm just sayin'

Meg said...

That is true. I'm sorry, again.

And if I did say, "ask Amanda!" it was in a "dear lord, I shouldn't have said that, change the subject, change the subject...." kinda way.

Lady Rose said...

Well grumpy of earlier in the day has diffused a I think I can forgive you now. But that was one mighty awkward moment.

Now you can be mad at me because to deflect the attention off myself I redirected to imply your....expertise in the area.

Meg said...

Again, I'm sorry-- seriously-- sometimes, I forget who I'm talking to and under what context.

And clearly, my expertise ain't that great...because last night, the batteries died before...