Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm Done Volunteering

Once again my efforts to do something positive and useful have been waylaid by an idiot. Let me ask you a simple question. If you do not consider your theatre company to be community theatre (and I think community theatre has a very clear definition) then why, dear lord why, are you a member of an alliance of community theatres?

Look, community theatre is made up of people who are pursuing theatre as a hobby. They aren't being paid...or at least they're not being paid enough to even begin to consider quitting their day jobs. And while some of them may have aspirations of going professional, let's be realistic...that transition doesn't really happen.

I shouldn't rant any more about this...lest I offend some artist's delicate sensibilities. Jerks, the lot of them. That's it! (she proclaims...again) I'm done volunteering for these chumps! (damn it, I know I'll be back...trying to fix them, trying to make them work.)

I hate myself.


Kirsten said...

Muffin, it's OK. You're a fixer, you fix (or attempt to fix) those incapable of fixing themselves. It's not your fault, cupcake, that some people are too stupid to fix. You just keep on trying, strudel, lest you become overly cynical.

I appologize for the food references, for some reason I can't get televised pastry competitions out of my head (why does such a thing exist, why?).

Meg said...

Mmm, pastry.

You know what? I think that we need to persue different volunteer opportunities. Something rewarding, not so demanding, and perhaps not directly related to the career field we have chosen. Pottery for Blind Children, mayhaps?

Kirsten, should you see this- I saw your car yesterday, in North Battleford...Yaris C Package Royal Blue? Hotness.