Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Judge-y McJudgerson

I may have ranted this all out earlier...but I'll give it a go for Megan's sake.

So, I know this guy, Angry Dan (that's what Mr. Rose calls him anyways). So he's a case study in desperation. Really sub-par playwright, mostly because he doesn't seem to have original ideas he just steals everything from movies. His plays are usually a couple of movies squished together so it can be hard to piece together sometimes but you can usually find most of it. Anyways, like most "artists" doomed to failure he's really giving it his all, but really...doomed to fail. I mean, I can at least get behind people with talent...but the talentless? They should put more effort into finding their talent.

Anyways, this is all totally second-hand since he doesn't actually make eye contact with me, let alone spare the breath on words...but the latest skinny is that he's moving into some condo that his parents bought for him. Not just made a downpayment on, bought outright. I guess that movie projectionist salary wasn't really working out for him. So, I'm thinking...this is pretty pathetic. Then I find out he has a new job...a fancy professional writing his Dad's company. Yes, that's right, Daddy is President and CEO (and in general a very well-respected man).

So here's a guy who really hasn't done much with his life. He decided to turn himself around. So he goes to Mummy and Daddy for a job and a new place to live. This is totally how old-fashioned wealthy people operate.

Clearly I'm all Judge-y McJudgerson about this. Oh what a loser, can't do anything by himself, etc so on and so forth. But then I'm like...what am I doing saving money to buy a house like a chump, putting effort into previous job searches...really, if I was just handed everything wouldn't I take it?

Would I take it? Would you take it? I mean, honestly...if there were no strings attached, would you take it? Are you really a better person for working for it? What if you spend the time that you didn't spend working for those things doing something important. Like creating art. Yeah, he's a bad playwright now but who's to say what could happen. Since he's not weighed down with everyday concerns about financial security he's in the right frame of mind to pursue his "craft".

ps. completely unrelated cousin called me back only two days after I initially called him. I think it's a record!!


Lady Rose said...

that rant had a poor ending. I'm very tired....

Meg said...

Hmm. But you ask some compelling questions.

I see a script in this.

wilfredo pascual said...

compelling questions, indeed.

i see an essay.

Lady Rose said...

Willi!! you still exist! yay!

If only I was in any way a writer...I just pose the questions people, you writers out there need to do the actual work.