Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Someone with Savvy

Seriously, community theatre and I need to make a clean break. I am so filled with rage and bile right now. This really just isn't worth it. My volunteer work shouldn't make me feel this way. But I do love it when people with absolutely no marketing background or even marketing savvy...because I really would settle for savvy.....hold on, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I would settle for savvy just because I really like the word savvy...I love typing it...savvy...all those v's. delish.

Anyways, some people don't have an background per se...but they do have if someone with savvy made some suggestions to me on ad copy I would probably perk up and listen. But what they don't seem to understand about copy is that it needs to be engaging...engaging!!

Excuse me while I go on a muderous rampage. I'm on the lookout for something kind of like a hammer...but not quite, bigger perhaps...with a broader head. I'll take wooden or rubber, really, what ever is available.

I'm done!!!

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Meg said...

fridays off!

woot woot!