Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Hit the Delete Key, Smiling

You know how people are always sending you those chain emails. Man, I hate those so much. I got this particularly soppy one today about our troops in (insert country American's have leveled in past two years). I was actually smiling when I hit the delete key, smiling.

People take those things so seriously, which is ridiculous. What exactly do people think they're accomplishing? Other than irritating their vague acquaintances in their address book. Squashing their hope that I will send their email on to 13 friends in the next 15 mintues actually satisfies me, my day is a little bit better for having received and deleted their crappy email.


Kirsten said...

People seem to be very easily drawn in by these "send this to everyone you know and it registers your support for the cause" email chains. Why? How? Who are these people?
Blah, human stupidity. Delete away lady, and keep smiling as you deal a blow for common sense.

Meg said...

Kirsten, I think you need a blog.