Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Hobnobbed...with Celebrities

Ah, the Catties. Now I did hear rumour that there was another bitter table last night. Not bitter about award wins/losses of course, just bitter in general...and contemptous of our peers. We have our Fat Calves, they have their Princess D.

To sum up the night...I delivered an awkwardly nervous In Memoriam piece on a man I had never met, I was bored, I was happy about one man's loss, I was offended by who I lost to (no that I lost mind you, just who took the award instead of me), I was bored, I wondered about the fashion sense of people over 40, I wished someone had worn sleeves, I was bored, I was drunk after one beer (I hadn't had dinner ok???), I did the rounds, I congratulated him without throwing up, I actually agreed that she has fat calves, I surled, I hobnobbed with celebrities, I fondled Megan's tits (twice!), I recieved a "supersonic hug", I fondled two asses, I avoided one awkward conversation, I confessed someone else's secret crush (with permission), I had my boob bitten, I was overshadowed by 22 year old tits, I had the best fucking ham and cheese sandwich at 3am ever.

And there's no way I'm dragging my ass out next year.


Meg said...

In hindsight- it actually was kind of fun. I mean, the part AFTER the sitting through horrendous hours of recognition for people who really don't deserve it.

and that WAS the best damn ham and cheese sandy, ever.

Lady Rose said...

I'm still thinking about that ham and cheese sandwich two weeks later. so good!!!