Thursday, September 21, 2006

10 Days...

Last night I saw the best piece of theatre I can hope to see all season. If you want to see a show that will produce a genuine laugh and then turn around and rip your heart out, I highly recommend 10 Days on Earth. Of course, there's all this Burkett-hype...if you're even slightly plugged into the scene you will have heard the hype...and they hype, she is so rarely a good thing.

I will admit that the thought of a 2 hour long show with no intermission was a bit off-putting...and it doesn't help that it just screams diva. I figured the hype was going to come crashing down at about the 90 minute mark when I found myself uncomfortable, bored, and needing to pee. I did find myself needing to pee (damn my tiny bladder) but this show, this man is so utterly captivating that I could have probably sat through it again twice without getting up.

If I could go see this show every night it was running I would. I wish I could burn every moment into my brain. The most tragic thing about this show (and all his other shows) is that they can never be reproduced, ever. Only he can do these shows so when he's done with them, that's it...they're over.

So run people, don't walk, down to ATP to see the most genuine piece of theatre I have seen in years. And take lots of tissues...if you aren't crying by the midpoint it likely means you have no soul. My heart still hurts.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Best Mall Trip Ever!

I had the best mall trip ever the other night. I need new shoes for "the job", I decided I need to give a crack at it on non-crippling shoes and a full stomach and see how it goes. So I park at the mall, as it turns out right near the shoe store I want to go to. I cruise in, check out the stock, pick out two pairs that look like they might, flat but still a bit dressy looking....figuring if those fail I'll just say fuck it and buy black sneakers. First pair is a bit tight, second pair fits perfectly....right on, head up to the till, remember my 20% off coupon, slap it down, pay for the shoes and I'm out. Remember I need vitamins and cat food, debate going home but decide to pop into the Zellers next door. Vitamins and cat food are right by the door, grab a new lipgloss and a 99 cent Kids in the Hall movie on the way out.

Perfect. Two errands, One Mall, 45 minute Round Trip. All shopping experiences should be so good.

Terribly bland update, terribly bland.

I'm thinking Chuck E Cheese for the upcoming birthday celebration. Thoughts?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Holy Shit I'm Whiney

So fucking whiney. Now, the actual job itself (the new one) isn't so bad. But the coworkers...especially the ugly guy Megan was pity-flirting with. Just because I'm new and he's been around is apparently enough reason for him to force me to carry 6 fucking trays (heavy) up and down a flight of stairs. Fuck you Skinny Asshole! Yes, not a very clever name I'll give you...but he is kind of those guys whose saying really nasty, degrading things to you but in a "sarcastic" way so it's suddenly okay.

I am a short, fat little girl. Why in God's name am I working a shift with 6 tall, buff men and being forced to carry the majority of the heavy stuff? Fuck that shit, fuckers.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. I fucking hate my new fucking job.

And forced socializing? Oh, you better believe it happened last night. Trapped by my desire to get my fucking tip out. I think I would have rather abandoned the $50 just to get the hell out.

Let's see if I can manage to get through my shift tonight and not leave in tears. Oh yeah, I am that big of a pussy.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sudden Realization....

In theory I start my new second job on Thursday. I still haven't heard about my schedule from the boss-like guy. I say boss-like because he's clearly uncomfortable with authority and will be too nice to lay the smack down on laziness.

The actual job itself will be fine, I'm sure, once I get used to it. It's a fairly low-key gig. I have a sense of impending doom about my future co-workers though. The downside of the low-key gig is that it does involve a ton of time standing around waiting for a brief period of intense business. That means upwards of 2 hours of small-talk per shift with people I inevitably won't like very much.

I already hate Party Dude from our meet n' greet session. "Dude, I'm totally a visual learner. I have to do something to learn it" what you're saying is that you're a tactile learner? Idiot! And don't forget the ever charming "Dude, I'm not even going to bother learning your name 'cause I'll just forget it again." Nice. Looking forward to working with you too numbnuts.

Other fat girl had potential but she was totally getting sucked into Party Dude's "cool zone". Right now I'm pinning all my hopes onto fellow theatre dweeb, nerdy-looking enough that he should be able to carry on a conversation about something other than paaaaaaaartying!

Oh, horror! Sudden realization....will these people expect me to be social with them after work hours? Quick! Escape strategies needed!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Squandered Summers

wah! Summer is over :(

The weird thing about working in the arts is that you really feel the change too. It's almost like going back to school, except without the new back-to-school clothes. If you don't count the new pants, three new shirts, and one enviably awesome pair of brown oiled leather Mary-Jane-esque shoes.............sorry, just had to have a moment with my shoes there.

I, too am firmly in the camp of squandered summers. Particularly embarassing given my reduced working hours during the summer months. With my additional time off I managed to do more shopping. Does that count as being productive?

Seriously though, I made this list in June of 5 or 6 semi-major around the house projects to complete over the summer. I completed exactly 0 of these projects. Frankly, I didn't even manage minor projects such as lawn mowing. Man, I hate mowing the lawn...always have, it's totally the worst chore.

So anyways, I'm making up for my lackadaisical summer by being waaaaay too busy between now and September. So let's see...first I have my regular 9-5 job with minimal amounts of overtime between now and December. Second is piano lessons on tuesday nights and pottery class on thursday nights. Then I've got a volunteer coordination gig with a commitment of one night every two weeks and about 1 - 2 hours per week maintenance. Also signed up to sit on a board with a fairly low time commitment of 1 - 2 nights per month. So seeing how many gaps I had in my schedule I went out and got a second job to fund my trip to Greece, so extra work definately Friday and Saturday nights, potentially Wednesday nights and likely Sunday afternoons.

Add to that all the free theatre I could possibly want to see and then some and....shit, I'm going to be exhausted by the time Christmas comes.

How long until next summer?