Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Squandered Summers

wah! Summer is over :(

The weird thing about working in the arts is that you really feel the change too. It's almost like going back to school, except without the new back-to-school clothes. If you don't count the new pants, three new shirts, and one enviably awesome pair of brown oiled leather Mary-Jane-esque shoes.............sorry, just had to have a moment with my shoes there.

I, too am firmly in the camp of squandered summers. Particularly embarassing given my reduced working hours during the summer months. With my additional time off I managed to do more shopping. Does that count as being productive?

Seriously though, I made this list in June of 5 or 6 semi-major around the house projects to complete over the summer. I completed exactly 0 of these projects. Frankly, I didn't even manage minor projects such as lawn mowing. Man, I hate mowing the lawn...always have, it's totally the worst chore.

So anyways, I'm making up for my lackadaisical summer by being waaaaay too busy between now and September. So let's see...first I have my regular 9-5 job with minimal amounts of overtime between now and December. Second is piano lessons on tuesday nights and pottery class on thursday nights. Then I've got a volunteer coordination gig with a commitment of one night every two weeks and about 1 - 2 hours per week maintenance. Also signed up to sit on a board with a fairly low time commitment of 1 - 2 nights per month. So seeing how many gaps I had in my schedule I went out and got a second job to fund my trip to Greece, so extra work definately Friday and Saturday nights, potentially Wednesday nights and likely Sunday afternoons.

Add to that all the free theatre I could possibly want to see and then some and....shit, I'm going to be exhausted by the time Christmas comes.

How long until next summer?

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