Friday, November 17, 2006


Okay, so I'm at home yesterday feeling truely terrible. One of those sinus colds that puts so much pressure inside your head you can't think enough to remember your own name. So, I'm achy, grumpy, and extremely whiny. Two thoughts cheered me up.... 1. I was now free to cease thinking and could simply lie on the couch moaning and 2. I had the perfect opportunity to watch Love Actually. Because, while moaning is fun and all it does tire after an hour or so and then I want to watch some pretty pictures on the magic screen across from the couch.

I get settled in with my giant blue fluffy blanket, a box of kleenex, and a large glass of half orange juice half gingerale. I go into the office to grab the disc only to is not on the shelf. I look on the shelf behind the other L movies, no Love Actually there either. I check the DVD folder, no Love Actually there. I search the tv cabinet, no Love Actually there. There is no copy of Love Actually residing in my house anywhere!!

Which brings me to this conclusion.....I loaned somebody my copy of Love Actually and they have not returned it!!!! This is why I hate loaning my shit to people. It's not loaning, apparently, so much as it is giving away my stuff. Which is a shitty deal really, if someone came into my house and asked "Hey, can I have your copy of Love Actually?" I could say no, but when someone asks "Hey, can I borrow your copy of Love Actually?", all of a sudden I'm socially obligated to comply with their request. The people who say no when you ask to borrow stuff are categorized as bitches, you know it's true.

I want my fucking copy of Love Actually back!!!