Friday, December 22, 2006

I Just "love" People

Oh my God, is it Christmas Break yet? I don't think I can handle one more second of this. 34 minutes and counting.

ps. I just "love" people who have absolutely no sympathy for others when they are sick and yet expect love and comfort when they themselves are sick. You reap what you sow buddy.

pps. I think that should be the new name of my blog. I Just "Love" People.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No Hard Feelings

What's with this mistaken impression that people have about my internet thoughts being "secret" or "hidden"? Dave's got the same thing going on that the blog lurkers have where they think they've "found me out" somehow. It's the interweb people and I am, in fact, not an idiot. I do, in fact, realize that things I write on my blag or other people's blags are out there for people to read. That's why I don't say things that I wouldn't want people to read. If I don't want people to know I said something I post anonymously (Celine Dion comment what?).

But Dave's comment begs a question. Should I phone the Artistic Director of the theatre company producing each and every show I go see to tell them my opinion of their work? Doesn't seem appropriate somehow. Now, had I run into Dave in the lobby after the show and he had asked my opinion, would I have told him? Of course I would have, at length if he was truly interested. As anybody who knows me is aware I'm not exactly shy with the opinions, be they good or bad.

There's another issue here that nags at me in my everyday life. This came up at the fateful meeting last night where people felt some adjudications were too "mean". For example the comment that was something like that actor really shouldn't sing. And some people in the room were all "oh, that's so cruel. they're just having fun, etc, etc,". Meanwhile I'm thinking if she can't sing then she probably shouldn't be in a musical. If you lack the talent for something, let's use singing as an example, I don't think you should do it. Seriously. Some people will never be able to sing. So don't. Not publicly anyways. When you're in the shower or your own home or alone in the office, sure, belt it out honey. But there's no way that someone who can't sing should be cast in a musical and inflicted upon an audience of paying customers. They are paying to hear someone sing.

Do you get my point? And ultimately, don't you think people would be better off finding their talent rather than bashing their head against their particular brick wall whether it be singing, acting, dancing, or whatever.

Anyways...I guess that's a bit off the current topic. A different rant for a different day.

I definitely struggle with community theatre in general. I would say about 75% of it is really not very good (or shitty, if you will). And alot of that not very good could be fixed with some attention to detail, organized rehearsal time, adequate rehearsal time, and understading the priorities of quality show production. If I'm remembering the correct show I believe The Graduate suffered from the fatal flaw of extremely long scene changes. Pacing, pacing, pacing people. You fuck up the pacing you usually ruin the piece. So I guess I'm trying to address that through the adjudication process, which is why I contribute to that (hopefully) more useful function (as opposed to the Catties).

And, in conclusion, (anonymous, I hope you're checking back and approving of my paragraph structure and general punctuation and grammer) I would like to have a bitchy moment. Megs, please don't take offense for the following, you know I love your mad blagging skillz. I'm not the one who went out of my way to post a blag entry about a show I saw and didn't like. I merely commented and agreed with an already stated opinion. So I find myself the object of a lengthy diatribe whilst Megan escaped apparently unscathed. Perhaps this is another of Megan's mad skillz, escaping unscathed. Crafty girl.

Good Lord I need to go to bed. Two blag posts in one day? I can't handle this level of activity!!

ps. I really "love" it when people say things like "no hard feelings" after saying deliberately scornful, cutting or hurtful comments. yeah, no hard feelings on your part maybe.

pps. No hard feelings!

Really Graphic Sex Dreams

CTAC Meeting: (name adjusted to protect identity)
It's a good thing they only happen every few months because each brings it's own unique brand of frustration. Nothing gets done, nothing gets followed up on, nothing is every achieved. Alright, occasionally something gets done, but it's like pulling teeth. Perhaps if they accepted the fact of their declining membership and connected the dots as to why!! Ah well, the usual suspects can continue to pat each other on the back and produce sub-standard light shows (industry name adjusted to protect identity).

On another note...a disturbing trend has emerged. Following this and the previous CTAC meeting I had really graphic sex dreams. The first involved an older, pudgier, baldier dude who I find quite revolting. He's revolting in both the looks department and the personality department. Last night I had another dream, also about a pudgier, baldier dude who I also find extremely off-putting in the looks and personality department.

This one had the additional weirdness of a menage a trois aspect, with Mr. Rose playing the third role. But the core of the dream was really this amazing sex with a guy I don't really like. I don't even passionately dislike him, I just think he's a sad, pathetic, loser. So what the heck is this dream about? And why so graphic? I remembered it down to penis size and the specific things he was moaning into my ear. And where was I getting that penis info from? I've never seen that guys penis. Why did my subconcious mind endow him with the perfectly sized and textured penis?

The creepy good-sex-with-unappealing-person dream. *shudder* Where do they come from? And why, why do I have them after CTAC meetings?