Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Really Graphic Sex Dreams

CTAC Meeting: (name adjusted to protect identity)
It's a good thing they only happen every few months because each brings it's own unique brand of frustration. Nothing gets done, nothing gets followed up on, nothing is every achieved. Alright, occasionally something gets done, but it's like pulling teeth. Perhaps if they accepted the fact of their declining membership and connected the dots as to why!! Ah well, the usual suspects can continue to pat each other on the back and produce sub-standard light shows (industry name adjusted to protect identity).

On another note...a disturbing trend has emerged. Following this and the previous CTAC meeting I had really graphic sex dreams. The first involved an older, pudgier, baldier dude who I find quite revolting. He's revolting in both the looks department and the personality department. Last night I had another dream, also about a pudgier, baldier dude who I also find extremely off-putting in the looks and personality department.

This one had the additional weirdness of a menage a trois aspect, with Mr. Rose playing the third role. But the core of the dream was really this amazing sex with a guy I don't really like. I don't even passionately dislike him, I just think he's a sad, pathetic, loser. So what the heck is this dream about? And why so graphic? I remembered it down to penis size and the specific things he was moaning into my ear. And where was I getting that penis info from? I've never seen that guys penis. Why did my subconcious mind endow him with the perfectly sized and textured penis?

The creepy good-sex-with-unappealing-person dream. *shudder* Where do they come from? And why, why do I have them after CTAC meetings?


Anonymous said...

For nostalgia's sake, I did a google search for echo37 and came-across a blog from April. It's always interesting to read what peers think of your work. I've heard worse, but it was usually to my face and from Simon :) I would love to talk critically about theatre - amatuer or otherwise - with my peers, but I find that most peers are more interested in being critical of each other's work behind their backs - often with a sense of prejudice as opposed to fairness or constructive intent. And you're heading the adjudication process... interesting. These discussions are better left out in the open. I for one enjoy criticism and have heard much worse about projects I was much more intimately involved with. But I will perhaps take this opportunity to defend choices of artists I respect who handled a difficult production with integrity and caring for the project. Some people may disagree with their choices, but I'm sure we can find better ways to critique each other than to resort to words like "shitty" as though such work can possibly be that throw-away. I expected a little more respect for ones peers. Again, I am happy to discuss successes or short-comings and often have. I am not writing this in anger or with a sense of being hurt - your disappointment is as valid as someone else's praise - wether it comes from mommy or a cric from the Globe and Mail, or from a peer I respect. But the problem with blogging, as is the problem with most electronic forms of communication is that what you intend to hide is often inadvertantly uncovered and questions are raised - mostly, why don't people tell you the truth face-to-face, and why do people feel the need to be viscious enough to tell another actor to worry about producing quality theatre as opposed to having fun. That's dismissive and loaded with assumption. As an audience member you can say what you want, as a theatre peer, you would hopefully be able to dig deep enough to respect someone else's work - regardless of what your own personal taste has to say about the finished product. I'm a grown-up who doesn't rely on mommy's praise, but I think we could all do with remembering that flippant dismissal of each other looks a lot worse on those doing the dismissing. It's Dave by the way. no hard feelings, just a comment from one peer to another.

Anonymous said...

Why do people think that writing things on the internet do not require the same basic rules that you learn in grade three?

Paragraphs people! Yes, we don't indent things like we did in grade three, but believe it or not, your point is much clearer when you break it into paragraphs.

At least you used capitals and punctuation.

Anonymous said...

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Lady Rose said...

Dave's lengthy diatribe (can a diatribe be concise?) really stole my graphic sex dream thunder. boo.

Anonymous said...

That's right - diatribe's can only really be lengthy ;) Thanks for allowing me to rant on Amanda's Rant. It's all good. Nothing can steal your sex dream thunder :)

Meg said...

wait a second...texture? I'm intrigued as to what the perfect penile texture is. I'll add that to the list of things to discuss during DoogFest 2006 Redux- Revenge of The Doog.