Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Awkward Encounters

Speaking of awkward encounters in the condom aisle, I had one last night. Mr. Rose and I were doing a little drugstore shopping and since I decided I wanted a break from pumping my body full of hormones we had to stop off in the protective services aisle.

Now the following encounter was really my fault. If we had just got down to business we would have moved on in time. But, of course, I get all distracted by the ridiculous names for lube.

Anyways, we're pondering our choices...having not purchased said product in many years we find ourselves baffled by the level of choice offered. So, I'm holding a box of textured (apparently for my pleasure) condoms when around the corner comes this guy we sorta kinda know. He's one of those overfriendly, space-invading type of dudes who is too familiar given the level of our relationship.

ummm....awkward. Except, I'm not 16 years old. I am a 28 year old woman who was embarassed to be holding a box of condoms. We have a brief awkward conversation about the price of kleenex and Mr. Rose and I extricate ourselves as quickly as possible. We finish our shopping in a hurry and rush out to the car.

Once we're outside I think of two things. The first is that it's ridiculous that I could find it awkward to be caught in the act of buying condoms at my age. And the second is that I was so uneasy that I just threw some random box in the shopping basket without any consideration. I know it's ridiculous to be uncomfortable and yet I was uncomfortable.

By today it's just funny and so I must spread my awkward moment far and wide. Enjoy masses, enjoy.


Meg said...

Yay! Prophylactics!

There are weird names for lube. And far too many choices. Soo difficult. That's why I'm glad that I'm sexually inactive. Makes life much easier.

Andrasta said...

It could have been worse lady, you could have been holding large tubes of Astroglide, Monistat, and anti-fungal foot cream...now THAT would be awkward.

Hee Hee, Astroglide, that's a funny name.