Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Sweater is...Tommy?

I've already confessed this to the people I care about so I think I'm ready to go public. This weekend I bought a sweater at the Bay. It was 60% off (I love Bay sales) and it's a really nice sweater. Great colour, nice pattern , excellent neckline, well-constructed. Even boys have commented that it's a nice sweater, boys who have never commented on any other article of clothing I own. If I stay this round and "jolly" I could potentially wear this sweater for years.

After purchasing the sweater I wore it 3 days in a row. I saw all different people on all 3 of those days (except for Mr. Rose of course) so it's not like I was repeating the outfit with any given group. Anyways, that's what I do when I really like a new piece of clothing (or a new shoe, purse, accessory....). It's like I'm 8 years old again, I could just wear the same outfit all week and be happy as punch.

Back to my main thread. To my dismay, my lovely new sweater...is Tommy. And I found it's little Tommy branding, TH stitched in dark blue thread near the cuff. Almost unnoticeable, it's true, but a constant reminder.

But here in lies the problem...I think designer clothes are frequently better made. There, I've said it out loud, there's no going back now. They use better materials and garments are usually just constructed better. I love my Reitmans but really the clothes are ultimately very factory style. A bit generic with no real understanding of design.


My name is Amanda and I've owned a Tommy sweater for 4 days now. Whew, it felt good to let that out. I hear it only gets easier with time.

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