Monday, February 05, 2007


In an attempt to kick February off with a bang, I attended Dirty Laundry's 24-hour soap-a-thon this weekend. I only managed to watch 16.5 hours but Mr. Rose was a trooper and managed to be the only audience member that lasted for the whole 24 hours. I don't know how he does the things he does.

The overall audience attendance was a bit poor. I think part of the trouble was that the performers were faltering in the afternoon of Day2. People joining in at that point would have maybe stayed if the show was engaging. The major plotlines had fallen apart though when most of the major characters had left (it picked up again when they returned at the end). I also wasn't a big fan of the Day 2 director, she just doesn't have the same kind of energy and seems to miss out on giving the show the flow it needs.

I really like the concept of the show though, and I was totally impressed that 3 of the actors stayed in for the full 24 hours. And really, overall, I was laughing for at least 10 of those 16.5 hours. What more could I ask for in a weekend?

I hope they do it again next year! Perhaps they just need to recruit a few more people to bulk the numbers up a bit on stage. They could also probably do a bit more work on promoting the event. I think Mr. Rose and I decided that the pricing strategy was a major problem. It was unclear and seemed to discourage people from just dropping in for a few hours.

Oh Dirty Laundry, how I've missed you. Sunday nights just haven't been the same.

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Meg said...

damn, that's a lot of improv.