Thursday, February 08, 2007

Take the Hint?

What's worse than waiting outside in the cold for 45 minutes for a bus? Waiting outside in the cold for 45 mintues for a bus and having 3 seperate people try to have conversations with you even though you're listening to an iPod and reading a book. Here is a bold likeness of my third stranger conversation:

Stranger: Do you know what bus goes up to Westbrook?
Me: No
Stranger: oh.....have you lived in Calgary long?
Me: Yup
Stranger: oh.....I've noticed that people in Calgary don't know where stuff is...(nervous laugh)
Me: Uh-huh
Stranger: yeah, I ask them but they don't know...(long rant about people not being able to give directions followed by longer rant about bus drivers not knowin' nuttin' about nuttin') know?
Me: uh, yeah. (pointedly) I actually make it a point not to talk to strangers.
Stranger: I'm going to purposefully overlook your quasi-polite suggestion that I move along and instead will continue to babble to you about the unfriendliness of Calgarians.
Me: yeah. I'm not comfortable talking to you so I'm going to take 5 small steps away from you now. take the hint?
Stranger: Why do you keep moving away from me as if you're uncomfortable talking to me?

At this point I pulled out my nunchuks and beat the man to death.

I'm not a very friendly person.

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Meg said...

Where the hell is Westbrook?

I think that we have "Strangers! Talk to me and ask me many questions!" written on our foreheads.