Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rapidly Approaching 30

Reasons why I would be a good Mom:
- I always know where stuff is, even if it's been put back in the wrong place
- I'm very bossy
- I bake cookies

Reasons why I wouldn't be a good Mom:
- kids kinda freak me out
- kids can be kinda boring after about 30 minutes
- I like being able to fall dead asleep in less than 5 mintues and staying that way for 9 hours

This came to mind becuase I freaked Megan out last night with another "I'm pregnant.....ha!" scares. The first time I did it to her she reacted horribly and since then has apparently been working on a more appropriate (re: happy) response.

Anyways, I'm always on the fence about the whole kids issue so I figured I should approach it Gilmore Girl's style with a classic Pro/Con list.

Right now I'm working on two lists, the "would I be a good Mom" list and the "do I want to have children" list. Both are equally important I think.

Can you tell that I'm rapidly approaching 30?


Meg said...

Oh, Amanda. You would be an awesome mom. For many, many reasons that I can't expound in this forum.

But if you tell me one more time that you are pregnant, and you're not, I might lose my mind completely. That's something I'm going to have to hear either through Jon or on your blog.

Then you won't see my face fall as I try to be happy for you...

Andrasta said...

No! Don't procreate! If you do, then who will I go on fabulous vacations with? I'd actually have to plan them for myself! This cannot happen, even if you do bake killer cookies. (Just give me the cookies and I'll supply the unconditional love.)