Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Tribute

As per usual, everything good I find on the internet I find because Meganude tells me about it. This is only one of the many excellent reasons to have 'Nude as a friend. She's all young and shit so she's all up on what's hip and happening on the web. Or at least I hope she is because I certainly don't know what's going on and am blindly following her lead.

My latest obsession: food blogs. I have perused quite a few and have landed on Smitten Kitchen as my absolute fav. I love this woman. How does she have time to do all this cooking and photographing and blogging in addition to her full-time job???? That remains a mystery to me. A crazy thing has happened though...she has inspired me to cook. I know, it's crazy! I should have told you to sit down before I revealed that. No one was more shocked than me.

Here was my first attempt, it was a tasty pasta and roasted tomato thingy that was both quick to make and totally delish. Yum! There is sure to be repeat occurances of this one! I'm always on the hunt for tasty, quick, meatless dishes that fill me up. The only downside? The pasta was a bit clumpy, I think I did it in too small of a pot. I even made my own bread crumbs instead of using packaged ones. She was right, it tasted better and was super easy to do.

This was followed by a desire to make a good homemade mac n' cheese. In the end, this mac and cheese was pretty tasty but I was incapable of eating an entire bowl of it. I could feel my arteries clogging as I attempted it. Soooooooo very cheesy. I recomend this as a side dish!

And of course, always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate cookie recipe I tried out these. Extremely good was my verdict. Now the real question is...if I wanted chocolate chip cookies to be more chippy, why didn't I just add more chips? This recipe calls for 2 cups of chips (most recipes call for 1 cup). Sheer genius. Soft, chewy and oh-so-chocolately. I may have to go make some right now actually...

Also made but too poorly photographed to be viewed: Vodka Cream Penne which I liked better as leftovers the next day (the taste mellowed out a bit), and Banana Bread which was so widely loved and admired (well, does my hubby and my co-worker constitute a wide audience?) that it has replaced my current BB recipe.

So there you have it, my tribute to Smitten Kitchen. The woman who has made me actually want to bake bread...without an appliance to help me!


Meg said...


so good.

Breanne said...

Wow! Good photos of food... Usually food looks very BLAH in photos I find. All of that stuff looked so yummy - way to go!!!

Marjean said...

Well written article.

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