Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Hulk-style Rampage

After a long bout with Facebook, I'm back. Facebook tried it's best to eat my soul but I'm pretty sure I've escaped it's evil least for now (shhhh....don't tell Facebook I said this). But now, on to the post....

I have a degree in it so you think it's something I'm interested in. Lately it's mostly been making me sick to my stomach. I attended a workshop yesterday that really drove home for me just how fucking sneaky and manipulative marketing is. I can't stand it. I hate being sold to all the time. My life is filled with so much clutter and pressure to consume. Can't I have a single moment where nothing around me is trying to sell me something?

One of the most offensive things is that most people don't even realized just how much they're being sold. And even if you recognize an advertisment you don't get the full extent of how much that message is tailored to force you to listen. You may even have the gumption to think that you are smarter than these advertisers...well, you're not. Not by a long shot. They have got you by the balls...or dewflap for the ladies.

And don't even get me going about imbedded advetising. Product placement makes me want to go on a Hulk-style rampage.

ps. I'm still thinking about Facebook

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Meg said...

ouch! my dewflap! someone should tell marketing to file their freaking nails.