Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Parent Doth Protest Too Much

Have you noticed that parents are trying just a little too hard to convince you. Methinks the parent doth protest too much.

You know the ones I'm talking about. God forbid you be married and childless when talking to one of these people. They enthuse and rant and profess their undying love for children, their children. "I didn't know life until I had kids", "Absolutely nothing is comparable to the experience of having children", "There was no meaning in my bleak and dreary existence until I pushed a human child from my loins".

I'm sure you've encountered one of these people. You can recognize them by a faint glimmering in their eyes. That glimmer is what is left of their personality. They hate their lives but cannot admit it. Because admitting that you're not interested in having children, especially after you've had one, is just not done.

Now, the real question is...are those people trying to convince me to have children in 'misery loves company' sort of way....or....are they trying to convince me not to have children. Do they recognize that I'm an intelligent person who can pick up on their subtext of misery? Are they trying to send me a sign, the only way they know how?

I think they are. Because I think there is still a human inside that parent somewhere, no matter how deep down they might be buried.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Amanda is...

wondering if cash is an appropriate wedding gift for a sister-in-law who is hard up for cash (and lives in a 400 square foot apartment)?