Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Customer is Usually Wrong

Where did this "the customer is always right" mentality even come from? Have you met most humans? They are stupid. Not just a little either, usually they're a whole bunch of stupid.

In a follow up question, when did it become appropriate to treat customer service staff like they were less than human beings? Yes, I will grant you that most people working in customer service are as stupid as the customers they serve. But really shouldn't we have a base level of decorum no matter how stupid the person across from you is.

Furthermore, there is an easy way to deal with poor customer service staff. Rather than yell, and bitch, moan and whine, berate and harangue...why don't you just talk to their manager. When you're in the store politely ask for the manager. If they are not there ask for their name and phone number and call them later. You can also stop patronizing that business. Seriously, there's 1001 coffee shops in Calgary. If you don't like your local Starbucks girl why not go the Second Cup 2 blocks down?

Aside from how to complain, as a customer you need to enter a store with these thoughts in mind:
1. I am not, in fact, royalty and don't deserve for any reason to be treated as such

huh. that one just about covers it actually. And don't forget that the customer is usually wrong, whether or not they want to admit to it. And do you know how you can know this to be the honest truth? Since when are people willing or even able to admit when they're wrong. Oh, that's right...never.

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