Sunday, August 12, 2007

Live from the Calgary Fringe - August 11

Chatting with theatre friends and acquaintances reduces my "blogging" time. I thankfully make my way to a new venue. Not that the Legion isn't a charming space...oh wait, no, it is an underfunded shit hole. The Max Bell Lobby converts fairly nicely into a theatre. A few strategically placed blacks would have helped, of course, but heaven forbid the fringe spend money on something other than their staff. A light stays on directly over where I am sitting. view of the stage is blocked by a large head. If only they had brought in some risers I could actually see the stage.

The show breaks my losing streak and I'm now 1-4. What a relief. I mosey downstairs towards our meeting place. Soon I will dissect this night of theatre.

One show left to go...

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