Monday, August 20, 2007

My Superior Attitude

My three faithful blog readers will remember my entry about last year’s Catties…right? Well I believe I said there was no way I was dragging my ass out this year. So, obviously, Saturday night found me at everyone’s favorite awards show. It was a bit of a downer for me this year. Maybe it was because I didn’t help coordinate the awards at all so I had no sense of ownership. Maybe it was because I didn’t do any shows this year and therefore had no potential wins to look forward to and no loses to bemoan after the fact. I feel that to truly enjoy an awards show you have to be invested in it; you need to really care whether somebody wins…or loses.

I just couldn’t get it up this year. Oh, I tried. I tried my best to get my hate on for my usual punching bags but it wasn’t working for me. I tried to feel satisfied when they lost, and lost, and lost. I made all the right comments and I tried my very hardest to find that superior feeling but I couldn’t find it anywhere, not even wedged down in my toes.

But without my superior attitude I’m just left standing in a room full of people that I don’t really know and probably don’t really like. That they don’t like me is assumed, I am the bitch that criticizes their shows after all.

I really hope that I was just having an off-day. Without my bitterness and resentment I’ve got no comedic material. I’ll be lost for conversation. I’d lapse into a silence from which I may never emerge. Depression would slowly overtake me and I would emerge a nice person who simply nodded along and agreed with whatever you were saying. Shudder.

Nothing like the Catties to fuel my existential crisis.


George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Hey... I like you.

Anonymous said...

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