Monday, October 29, 2007

Top 5 List #1

Let's make an agreement. This week I'm going to write a useless top 5 list every day...okay, every business day. That's 5 top 5 lists for your reading pleasure. Now you have to read those lists, that's your part of the agreement. Good? Are we all agreed? Good.

Top 5 movies where people overcome obstacles through dance

5. Dirty Dancing – Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze manage to overcome class differences with their touching and awkwardly erotic final dance number.

4. Save the Last Dance – Julia Stiles comes to grip with her mother’s death and ultimately honors her memory with a kick-ass modern dance audition piece for Julliard. Oh yeah, she also overcomes opposition to her interracial relationship by demonstrating her ability to get jiggy with it at the local “Negro” club.

3. Centre Stage – While Jodi Sawyer is very pretty she’s not very turned out and she may, in fact, have bad feet. Oh what’s an aspiring ballerina to do? Dancing what she feels and a liberal dash of lip biting combine to catapult her career into being a principle in Cooper Nielson’s new company. Suck on that ABC.

2. Take the Lead – Antonio Banderas dances the hottest damn tango ever with some blonde chick. The rest of this movie is fuzzy for me; I don’t think it was very good. But I was left with the impression that obstacles were overcome and dance definitely had something to do with it.

1. A Chorus Line – I can’t even begin to go into it here. Every single person auditioning for this Broadway show is trying to overcome some neurosis. These people do nothing but overcome obstacles for the entire 113 glorious minutes.


Meg said...


What about Billy Elliot? That's SOME obstacles.

RostockRose said...

A few failures of note:

In Romeo Must Die, Jet Lee attempts to use dance to overcome racial differences with hot up-n-comer Aliyah, but ends up having to settle things with an old-fashioned ass whooping.

The Swing Kids attempt to overcome fascism through dance. My memory is a little hazy on this film, but lets call it a draw between Zoot Suit Riot and the Nazi Party.

In The Thomas Crowne Affair, Pierce Brosnan attempts to use dance to overcome the obstacle of poor casting, but his dance with see-through dressed Renee Russo fails to overcome the hotness of Catherine Zeta Jones in a bodysuit and Entrapment is declared the superior flick.

An honerable mention should also be given to Arnie who, in True Lies, fails to use dance to overcome terrorism, but he comes awful, awful close. If only George Bush had tried La Bomba before La Bombing...

Meg said...

Where is Tuesday's Top 5?

I feel deceived. Also, sad. Because this was the only thing I had to look forward to all day. Le sadface.