Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Religious Experience

I’ve discovered this year…or perhaps I’ve always known…that the Christmas tree is the closest I come to a religious experience. I love everything about the process.

I love going to tree lot and making Jon hold up a series of trees for me to consider. I take the choosing of a tree very seriously. I’m looking for something specific (which is why Jon has to hold up so many options). Obviously we must first cover the tree fundamentals: size, shape, and breed. I’m very partial to the Charlie Brown breed of Christmas trees. I don’t like long needles or trees that are too full. But aside from those details the tree needs to have some personality to it. For example, my tree this year can be likened to a fat-bottomed girl. I love her even if she takes up a bit too much space.

Then I love it when Jon brings up all the tree decorations. Admittedly I love that because those boxes are heavy and I don’t like doing it myself. But then I love unpacking everything. I’ve inevitably bought something new the year before and I’m always so surprised to find it in there. This year I had clear lights. My coloured lights of previous years were a patched up set of hand-me-down lights that were starting to lose their sparkle. They now festoon my cubelette and my tree is aglow with bright new clear lights.

Then, once the tree is festooned with glitter, I love to sit next to it. I just love it. I plug it in as soon as I get home and I try to be as close to it as possible all night. However stressed out I am about cleaning my house before Christmas or finding the time to make three trifles all that just melts away when I’m next to the tree. It’s like a portable spa. With less rubbing, obviously.

Ah, Christmas. Don’t you just love it?