Monday, January 14, 2008

Job Hunt 2008

There is nothing more frustrating and depressing than looking for a job. I know what you're thinking..."come on Amanda, there are plenty of things more depressing and frustrating than looking for a job. Here, let me provide you with a list of those things:

1. Being employed in the same crappy dead-end job for 10+ years
2. Alzheimer's Disease
3. Finding the perfect pair of navy blue heels 2 days before an event that really requires you wear said navy blue heels
4. dating
5. changing the viscosity of liquids while cooking (i.e. white sauce!!!!)"

And, yeah, I agree with you that those are also frustrating and depressing things. But I'm not doing any of those things right now. Right now I am looking for a job.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Best of 2007

All told I read 53 books in 2007. I thought I read about one book every two weeks. This may explain why I really don’t remember the details of a lot of books I read. Unless it’s truly outstanding of course. Or it means that I read a lot of crap. Alright, it’s obvious that I read a lot of crap. And those Harry Potter’s really helped to up my count. Fast reads.

Megan and I started a book club this year so in an attempt to be more thoughtful about my reading here is my highlights reel.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – come on! The final book in a seven-part series, of course it makes my list. A very satisfying ending but I could have done without the sappy epilogue.

Freakonomics – this is my kind of non-fiction. The subject matter is interesting and writing was entertaining.

Watership Down – action, adventure, animals with human intelligence…it just doesn’t get any better. I haven’t been able to look at rabbits the same since.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – because I finished it dammit. Actually by about halfway through I was pretty into it. He has a very distinctive voice. Maybe that’s all you really need to win prestigious writing awards…a distinctive voice.

Philippa Gregory Historical Fiction Smut – historical fiction is my favorite kind of smut and she serves it up good.

American Gods – obviously. This was a re-read for me and my choice for book club. It’s still one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s weird and creepy and engaging. Neil Gaiman at his best.

And what would a highlights reel be without a lowlights reel to accompany it.

I’m With Cupid – badly written chick lit. It’s not a difficult formula people! I don’t ask for brilliance from my crappy chick lit but seriously? No good.

The Castle – after many years I finally made it all the way through and when I finished I thought to myself “that’s it?” I mean, what’s the point? It’s an unfinished novel…and it’s really unfinished…edited heavily by some dude who isn’t Kafka. Blech.

Eastern Standard Tribe – this book goes down in my bad books even though I liked most of it. The ending was so terrible that it wrecked the rest of the book for me.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Shoe Inventory

It’s that time of year when we all like to slow down and take stock of our lives. I find that impossible to write about without sounding like a poncy hack. So instead, this year, I have chosen to share with you my stock-taking of something nearly equally important to my life as a whole. My shoe collection. This was prompted by my “accidental” purchase of 3 pairs of shoes yesterday.

Let’s break them up into categories shall we?

Functional Shoes
1 pair winter boots (very practical)
1 pair good quality hiking shoes
1 pair gym shoes (these have possibly started decomposing due to lack of use)

Special Event Shoes
1 pair medium heel beige (these were the shoes I wore to my wedding, they’re pretty comfy)
1 pair basic black pump (these were my aunts, they are one size too big and the narrow heel is too high for me)
1 pair open back brown heeled sandal (these are a bit too narrow for me but I love them)

Grown-Up Lady Working Shoes or variations on a loafer
1 pair black medium heel loafer (I like them because they have a cute buckle)
1 pair brown medium heel loafer (functional but ugly Payless shoe)
1 pair black flat loafer (totally cracked across the sole but still quite comfortable)

Mary Jane-esque
1 pair black heeled Mary Janes
1 pair brown heeled Mary Janes (these are in fact identical to the black ones, except they’re brown obviously)
1 pair black flat Mary Janes (the heel is a bit Grandma but they are cute and functional, these could also be slotted in with Grown-Up Lady Working Shoes)

Summer Shoes
2 pairs bamboo flip flops (I love them. I have run them ragged)
1 pair sneaker slip-ons green and pink striping (just slightly too small to be truly comfortable)
1 pair sneaker slip-ons denim pattern (awesomely comfortable, no arch support makes them bad for walking though)
1 pair Tiva style Clarks black sandals (less sporty than a Tiva but with all the same support and function. Tragically I appear to be missing one)
1 pair slip-on black open toe sandal (the mannish kind with the thick strap, very good at work sandals)
1 pair slip-on brown open toe sandal (cheap and sometimes painful sandal, good only for wearing at work if not much walking is required)

And the rest...
1 pair brown workman style boots (I bought these to wear when I was scooting. To keep my ankles warm. But they were ugly so I wore my cute sneakers instead)
1 pair black oxfords (I bought these because I thought they were cute and vaguely bowling shoe retro. Then my fashion challenged boss showed up wearing the same pair one day. I haven’t been able to wear them since.)
1 pair navy blue Vans (my go-to sneakers, they have a hole in the bottom and have so been replaced by…)
1 pair brown and plain patterned sneakers (not as much athletic support as the Vans, but very cute.)
1 pair extremely scuffed suede black high heels (also slightly too large. They were my aunts and function as my desperation dress up black heels)
1 pair extremely dusty black heels (I think I bought these in Thailand because I needed some more work-appropriate shoes. A land filled with cute shoes that didn’t fit my wide feet. A travesty more like)

So there you go. I think I can cull about 3 or 4 pairs from that list. So that would take me down to about 22 pairs of shoes. It would be a reasonable amount of course…except for the lack of colour. I suspect about 10 more pairs would get me into fighting form.

Thank God for January sales!