Monday, January 14, 2008

Job Hunt 2008

There is nothing more frustrating and depressing than looking for a job. I know what you're thinking..."come on Amanda, there are plenty of things more depressing and frustrating than looking for a job. Here, let me provide you with a list of those things:

1. Being employed in the same crappy dead-end job for 10+ years
2. Alzheimer's Disease
3. Finding the perfect pair of navy blue heels 2 days before an event that really requires you wear said navy blue heels
4. dating
5. changing the viscosity of liquids while cooking (i.e. white sauce!!!!)"

And, yeah, I agree with you that those are also frustrating and depressing things. But I'm not doing any of those things right now. Right now I am looking for a job.



Kathleen said...

Looking for a job is le suck. I completely agree, one of the most frustrating things ever. Yes that's right, no advice, just sympathy (sorry).

Meg said...

Ah, yes. The frustration.

But at least you're not dating.

K Johnson said...

Dude, with all you at home time, not journeying out into the frigid cold, you think you could find time to blog - Gawd.

I guess I'll forgive you...if you bake me snickerdoodles...and bring them to me for my recess snack...10:45...incase you forgot...

K Johnson said...

Um, I waited for you at recess...and well, no, I had no recess snack...I was sort of counting on you......

Meg said...

I could use some snickerdoodles. I don't have recess, or snack, but I'm not dating so I might as well, y'know?

Anonymous said...

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