Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things on my mind right now

I've been putting this off for far too long. But this is post number 100. And it only took me, what...three years? I didn't want to waste this on something like the rearrangement of my sock drawer (which is working out very nicely, thanks for asking!). But sadly, I'm not that interesting. I'm certainly no MacLeans level blogger.

Things on my mind right now:
1. I still haven't paid that bill from the dentist. I assume they will get irritated at some point.
2. I'm so bored with the Bach I'm learning right now.
3. I fear that the June project is doomed.
4. How well do you really know the people you know?
5. How well do you really want to know the people you know?

I feel like I need a theme. Or structure. Or purpose. But how much, how deep, how open? Sure I can show you mine but is it fair to look if you don't show me yours?

And why can't I make a chili that's just reasonably spicy? why?

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Meg said...

You're back!