Sunday, April 20, 2008

stat counter

A couple months ago I installed a stat counter on my blog. It's such a weird kind of reverse spying. I've managed to identify most of my regular blog checkers. And it's really interesting to see how random people make it onto the blog. A google images search for "landing strip". huh.

I think I didn't have a stat counter for a long time because I didn't really want to know how frequently all y'all were checking out the blogeroo. I have some similar problems with facebook. I don't really like the idea of stalking people with facebook.

Mostly I don't like these things because I think they are difficult to draw conclusions on. What do I really know about you based on what you post on facebook? Or that you check my blog three times a day? Well, for the latter I guess I know that you have too much time on your hands since I am not a regular enough poster to warrant more than one check per day. But really, I don't know anything about you at all. I guess I know something about how you present yourself to the world. But does that mean I can draw conclusions about your true self? Well, I could.....but I doubt their accuracy.

Same goes for this blog really. Do you think you really know me based on what you read here? What exactly are you waiting to see if I post? Most of you are just looking for a good chuckle....but some of you are looking for something else.

I think I'd like to save you the trouble. Because I'm not planning on writing about my innermost fears, worries, and struggles. I have actual real world friends to talk about those things with, I don't really need to post it on my blog for strangers to read.

Please come on back for the good chuckle. I'm an impatient bitch with a shitload of opinions and I will parade them for the amusement of others. True inner turmoil? Sorry, you only get that with me live and in-person.

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