Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Title

I need a new title for my blog. My lack of a quality title is reducing my desire to post. Can someone else please do the work for me and suggest a new title? I can promise a nod of recognition and, if you live in Calgary, a batch of chocolate chip cookies if I use your suggestion.

I make really good cookies.


Meg said...

I Like "Blog".

Alternatively, you could go with A Chip off the Old Cookie: a tale of disgruntled home baking

bernard n. shull said...

i did a little research after you told me about your "thing", and if you want a way to make more money using your your blog you can enter this site: link. bye.

Meg said...

How dare you tell bernard about your 'thing' and not me! I thought we had a real special relationship, and here I find out that you're talking about some 'thing' that I don't even know about! And I tell you every 'thing'. Nearly. Except the gross 'things' about cleaning my belly button or like, how many days in a row I can wear a pair of socks and not feel bad about it. Because some 'things' are not meant to be shared and aired out like dirty laundry. Especially literal dirty laundry. No one needs to know that.

Is that what you and bernard were talking about?

How to make more money selling your gently worn socks?

Lady Rose said...

I'm sorry. but I'm not a liberty to discuss my business dealings with Mr. Shull.