Sunday, June 22, 2008


There's a post I want to write and then there's this post that I'm going to write. I choose to interpret the fact that I'm not going to semi-publicly kick someone in the balls as a sign of what a wonderful grown-up lady I'm turning into.

Not that he's not a dick. And not that he doesn't deserve to be kicked in said balls. There. I'm over it.

Speaking of balls...what kind of design work is that? I mean, why don't they just live on the inside? They need to be kept warm and really they just seem to get in the way. Could things not have been rearranged just slighty? Think how much sleeker the package would be without those awkward dangly things down there. And how much more comfortable would it be to ride a bicycle? Or get hit in the crotch with a baseball bat!

Yes, I see your point. Then tv shows that we've all come to take for granted, such as America's Funniest Home Videos (does that show still air?), would never have existed.

But surely that's a sacrifice we could have made to ensure that our menfolk wouldn't have to experience the agony of the accidental ball squish as you climb over them to turn off the alarm in the morning.


Kathleen said...

The little swimmers are best stored a few degrees below body temperature - for maximum... potency. That's right, I'm a huge geek for knowing that.

Meg said...

I kind of like them. They're something else to, ahem, focus on while you're downtown visiting {witty euphemism for wang}. But I do feel the awkwardness of the alarm-off-reachover-squish. Oh, morning squish. How inconvenient.

Meg said...

Hey, guess what? We're going to DISNEYLAND.

Marty Nozz said...

Speaking as an owner of the discussed parts I like them just where they are. Been kicked there enough to know that it'll hurt whether they're inside or dangling. At least on the outside there's the possibility of some positive attention and not just target practice.

Lady Rose said...

I actually think the whole package would be cooler if it could just descend on command.

That way you could keep them tucked out of harms way most of the time...and we're assuming that it's comfortable to have them tucked away. :)

then, when your gender of choice is making eyes at let it all hang out. maybe give it a refreshing spritz. then go to town.

Meg said...

I am always appreciative of a refreshing spritz.