Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sex and the City anyone?

I hope you like my new blog title. I'm going for a cross between screamo angst and yuppie sensibilities. Who doesn't love a bonus room in their overpriced suburban townhouse?

Soooooo. Sex and the City anyone? I was so prepared to be disappointed. But instead I was very pleasantly surprised. Even though the ending was the one I swore I would despise no matter what.

But really, any movie where Charlotte York shits her pants and we get a glimpse of wet, soapy cock is a movie I can get behind.

80's outfit montage? Yes, please.

And a movie about 4 women friends with heavy messaging about forgiveness. hmmm.....topical, yes?


Meg said...


That was awesome. I can't believe you blogged it already!

Kathleen said...

Umm... speaking of forgiveness, did my invite get lost in the interweb somehwere?

Lady Rose said...

I have been shamed! shamed! I'm sorry Kathleen!! We ended up going a bit spur of the moment since our attempts at planning a specific time failed in an epic manner.

Will you forgive me if I go see it again with you?

Meg said...

I will also go again. I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to going again...

Kathleen said...

Hooray Sex and the City!