Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lunch Meetings and Why I Hate Them

There is nothing I hate more than lunch meetings. Why do I hate lunch meetings? Because they suck. *whine* Lunch time is time for a break. You may even call your lunch "time" your lunch "break". I certainly do.

I'm not a doctor or a lawyer or a CEO or even a VP. Do you know what this means? This means I get a lunch break. Not a lunch where I have to continue being in a meeting. Just because there is food present doesn't mean it's less of a meeting. I'm still meeting. Now I'm just meeting with fries. Which are delicious, I will admit. And my lunch gets paid for. Which is quite nice, I'll admit.

But still, not worth it. I would rather pay $7 for my own shitty sub (and no fries!) made with potentially tainted meats while eating in a grubby uncomfortable booth next to a smelly "residentially challenged" man.

I need a break!! Yes, I had a lunch. But I did not have the aforementioned "break".


yes, this is the most interesting thing I have to write about. back off!


Kathleen said...

You're right! That is totally annoying - break time is for break! My figure is $100,000. At $100,000 plus they get to start thinking about eating up my non-work time with work... I figure that if my job involves task that are sufficiently pressing that they can't wait 1 hour, they owe me at least that much.

In short: I agree

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