Saturday, October 04, 2008

Highlights and Lowlights

There is nothing so satisfying as a vacation. But, as with all vacations, there are always ups and downs. And so here you will find a selection of highlights and lowlights of my recent vacation.


1. Disneyland on my birthday! I got to wear a special Happy Birthday button which meant that every Disney employee within a 10 foot radius was required to wish me happy birthday. I thought it would start to irritate me, but it didn't. I even got birthday wishes from 2 of 3 fairy godmothers in the parade!

2. California Screamin. I'm usually just so-so on rollercoasters but this one is awesome. I enjoyed it several times.

3. Photos with characters. Last time we went to Disneyland we had to chase those damn characters down and barely got any pictures. This time I got Micky and Minnie, Mary Poppins, one of the chipmunks, the Beast and Winnie the Pooh!

4. Feeling thin! If you want to feel thin and beautiful, Disney is the place for you! I have never in my life seen so many overweight people in one place. This one could actually go under lowlights as well because it was kind of sad.

5. Outlet Mall shopping. God Bless America and it's conspicuous consumerism. Bath and Bodyworks products to last a lifetime? Bring it on! Three designer (well, if you consider Tommy a "designer") sweaters for under a hundred bucks? Yes please! A satisfying day of shopping indeed!

6. All the Mexican food a girl could want. With the lack of any decent Mexican restaurant in Calgary I was worried that my Mexican palate would be stunted. Thank you San Diego for reawakening my taste buds to the joys of Mexican cuisine.

7. Splash Mountain. Sure we were wet, cold, angry, and had a definite funk to us...but those are memories that last a lifetime.


1. Random hip pain. How old was I turning again? Surely not old enough to be experiencing random hip pain.

2. L.A. - what a gross, gross city. or perhaps just poorly planned thus stranding us in a gross, gross part of the city. But even the "nice" parts we saw from the bus...not so nice. It is unclear to me why people would choose to live in Beverly Hills.

3. A surprise trip to Lady Mountain.

4. Splash Mountain. Come on! We were wet, cold, and angry. Nobody likes wet panties!! Plus there was that suspicious rash that developed...


Lady Rose said...

Totally forgot about the spa flip flops in the Mexican grocers and being serended by a barbershop quartet in the old timey grocery and delicious cookies store.

Meg said...

Space mountain? Good.

Lady mountaint? Bad.

Rash mountain? Really bad, but resulting in hilarious photos.

Meg said...

Damn you, Lady Mountain.