Monday, December 01, 2008

Belt Tightening

I just bought tickets to the Nutcracker. Shitty second balcony tickets. But for $25 who's complaining? Aren't we supposed to be tightening our belts this Christmas anyways?

Is anyone tightening their belts? Or does anyone like me feel absolutely no change in their day-to-day lifestyle because of the current "economic crisis". Seriously, nothing. Absolutely nothing is different about my life.

I'll admit that my RRSP statement is sad. It goes up once a month when my automatic withdrawal goes in. Then it slowly edges down as the month goes by. Am I worried? Uh, no. I'm 30. My spouse is 35. We've got at least 20 years to make it back. Plus I'm buying units of something. So right now I'm buying units at a great price, way more of them then when the market was up. So when things recover I'll suddenly own a bunch of units of something worth more than when I bought it. Seems fair to me.

I mean, as fair as money can be. Which is not very fair. No matter how much I like my job I still feel enslaved by the concept of money. But what would life be if I had nothing to complain about? Which I imagine is what it's like to be wealthy on old money. A life with nothing to complain about. I'm sure I'd just waste it anyways.

Christmas Countdown!!!

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Meg said...

I'd like to be old-money wealthy. I think I'd spend my time volunteering on boards and social leagues, inviting the ladies over for tea and sherry and summering at the Banff Springs Hotel.

Oh, right. I'd like to be old-money wealthy in the 1920's. I suppose I should have mentioned that.