Monday, January 05, 2009

101 Things

So, Mr. Rose and I decided to get into this 101 things in 1001 days. At first we thought we would just do Megan's list rather than come up with our own. Then we thought it would be fun to come up with a list. Then we realized that 101 is a lot of things. But I persevered. Green ones are done. Bold are currently in progress. To be completed by October 5, 2011.

1. Watch the Godfather movies
2. Read one book of poetry
3. Bake an apple pie from scratch
4. Hang 3 framed photos in my house
5. Visit 5 art galleries in Calgary
6. Take a French course
7. Play piano for 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks
8. Bring lunch to work every day for a month
9. Compost all food waste for 3 months
10. Finish reading Shake Hands with the Devil
11. Make bread from scratch
12. Read one Shakespeare sonnet a week for 3 months
13. Walk 20 minutes a day, every day, for 3 weeks (0/21)
14. Read Faust
15. Have 3 memorized piano pieces (not Christmas Carols)
16. Learn to play an intermediate version of Winter Wonderland on the piano
17. Eat a home cooked meal every night for 3 weeks
18. Read 2 Moredecai Richler novels
19. Read 2 Shakespeare plays I have never read or seen
20. Go to Shakespeare in the park
21. Frame and hang all unframed prints in my home (3/6)
22. Buy nothing for a week
23. Do “the hundreds” every day for a month
24. Have a facial and a massage (1/2)
25. Don’t complain about anything for 1 week
26. Play with the cats 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks
27. Volunteer 5 hours per month for 1 year (12/12)
28. Lose 20lbs (10/20)
29. Lose 30lbs
30. Lose 45lbs
31. Keep a plant alive for 1 year (plant purchased Mar 09)
32. Paint dining room hutch
33. Send out 10 Christmas cards each year (fail)
34. Buy myself fresh flowers once a month for 6 months (3/6)
35. Floss every day for 2 weeks (14/14)
36. Don’t turn on the TV for 1 month
37. Clear all 21 books off my to-read shelf before adding any more (21/21)
38. Give myself a pedicure once a month for 3 months
39. Subscribe to a magazine
40. Bake a different cookie every month for 6 months (1/6)
41. Eat out at 10 new restaurants (6/10 Dairy Lane Cafe, Silver Inn, Calypso's Greek Taverna, Smuggler's Inn, Boccavino, Flatirons)
42. Master Cashew Chicken recipe
43. Learn to make great crepes
44. Watch, then throw away, 25 old movies on VHS (25/25)
45. Create a communications evaluation plan at work
46. Learn drums for Say It Ain’t So on expert in Rock Band
47. Buy one new fancy Christmas ornament each year (2/3)
48. Buy a set of matching drinking glasses
49. Use my bread maker once a month for 6 months
50. Print 50 great photos of family and friends and put them in a photo album
51. Do 5 push ups every day for a month
52. Take a Pilates class
53. Bake 2 birthday cakes from scratch
54. Fill three planters with flowers for my deck each summer (1/3)
55. Get over my fear of lighting the BBQ
56. Double charitable contributions from 2008
57. Find a new volunteer opportunity
58. Record 12 favorite recipes into recipe box (4/12)
59. Relearn how to parallel park
60. Learn how to change the oil in my scooter
61. Review one movie per month on my blog for a year
62. Review one book per month on my blog for a year
63. Go on 3 hikes longer than 10K
64. Go to the opera
65. Go to the CPO
66. Go see 2 contemporary dance shows (1/2)
67. Find 5 weird things to be photographed next to in Alberta
68. Go see 3 movies at the Globe/Uptown (1/3)
69. Don’t drink any alcohol for 9 months
70. Incorporate a scarf into my outfits once a week for a month (4/4)
71. Look professional at work for 2 weeks (like with makeup and everything) (10/10)
72. Identify 5 casual “outfits” in my current wardrobe (not just pants and a top) (5/5)
73. Make a meal plan for 4 weeks (4/4)
74. Read a book on 1 lunch hour per week for 2 months (8/8)
75. Go for a walk on 1 lunch hour per week for 2 months
76. Make the bed every morning for 1 month
77. Listen to a different CD every week for 3 months
78. Read a book about an ancient civilization
79. Read Watchmen
80. Read an actual historical book about Henry VIII
81. Go off Diet Coke for 2 weeks (14/14)
82. Grow an herb
83. Find the perfect pair of heeled brown loafers
84. Learn how to make icing roses
85. Buy something from Holt Renfrew
86. Learn how to twirl a drumstick
87. Cook 10 meatless and cheeseless meals
88. Cook fish 5 times (1/5)
89. Recycle/regift 25 books (3/25)
90. Recycle/regift 10 CD’s
91. Insure my jewelry
92. Learn how to style my hair in one different look
93. Go on a picnic
94. Replace furnace filter every 4 months (fail)
95. Own a pair of boots
96. Find 3 ways to increase energy efficiency in my home
97. Wear a real Halloween costume once
98. Learn how to prune a tree
99. Eliminate all unnecessary furniture from my life
100. Go to a community association meeting
101. Blog once a week for 6 months (26/26)


Meg said...

Your list is more fun than my list! I want to do your list!

Lady Rose said...

really? I thought my list was a bit drab actually. I have to go reread your list now.

Meg said...

Brunch at the Dairy Lane- May 30, new restaurant! 9 more to go!