Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday morning it was spring. I sat out on my deck in the sun and read a book. It was getting chilly in the late afternoon but I still barbequed my dinner. (I lit the bbq all by myself with no qualms, after a lesson the day before, so I have crossed one more thing off my 101 list!)

This morning there are drifts of ankle deep snow on the ground. It started last night, falling thick and heavy. It seems relentless. This is serious middle of the winter apocalyptic snow storm here.

My point you ask?

I freaking love it. I was born in Calgary so I often get the pity look from people (usually people who have moved here from out East or people who are planning on moving out west). Oh woe is me, they think. To have been born and lived the majority of my life is such a wintery, dreary, lame city as Calgary. Snow in March? Snow in May? How can I have lived like this my whole life?

I admit, sometimes I wonder out loud what it would be like to live in a more temperate climate. To be able to bbq year round or have more regular sunlight hours.

But deep down, I know I would hate it. I like the bbq because I've been away from it for 5 months. I think you should only eat mandarin oranges at Christmas time. I will take two months of darkness falling at 5:00pm in exchange for those two months where it's light out until 10:00pm.

I like change. I live on change. Change for me is like Bella's scent for Edward (nice Twilight reference, right?).

I have to go shovel my walk now. And then I think a steaming cup of hot chocolate will follow that. Then a warm blanket and a trashy novel. Oh woe is me.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sadly, I Watched the Watchmen

Last night I went to see Watchmen. I had recently read the 'graphic novel' (I say graphic novel in quotes because, well honestly because I think it's stupid. Comic books. That's what they are).

Anyways, unlike my friend Sterling who had this to say, I actually liked Watchmen the book. Admittedly I don't have a lot of comic book experience. Previously I read a series called Transmetropolitan which I quite enjoyed but other than that I'm not too familiar with the genre.

I thought Watchmen the book was interesting. I thought it was a nicely layered story. I liked the way it moved around in time. I liked that every character had a distinct voice. I thought it had an interesting premise. And I found the ending very satisfying. I also really liked the visuals. The clock ticking down with each chapter break, the look on the Comedian's face as he was thrown out a window, Dr. Manhattan as a child watching his clock pieces being thrown out a window by his father.

Novel, good.

Movie, bad.

Remember how much we all loved Sin City? Or at least I assume we all loved it. Because it was awesome. Watchmen was like the opposite of Sin City. It did not feel like a comic book come to life. Which is probably why it was so flat. Unlike Sterling, it only took me about 15 minutes until I was bored and waiting for the movie to end. Which is especially tragic in a 3 hour movie.

I think, in many ways, Watchmen was unfilmable. It may appear that there is a great deal of content that you can simply cut out of the book to make time for a movie. Tragically, as with many translations when you cut out those subplots you lose all the subtlety that made the book any good in the first place. Add to that 7 characters with required back story and you have something that would be better formatted to a miniseries.