Sunday, April 26, 2009

Being an Adult

What exactly is it that classifies you as an adult? Is it owning a home? Spending a tax return on extra mortgage payments? Pursuing a career? Contemplating procreation?

I have been 30 years old for most of my life. As the older sibling in a single parent family I definitely had to be more responsible than other 12 year olds. But then not nearly as responsible as my own mother had to be in an essential parent-less family when she was 12.

Helping take care of my brother and being self-sufficient myself were never really a problem for me. Babysitting him was way better than babysitting other, brattier children that I wouldn't be allowed to smack upside the head. And I'm just naturally self-sufficient (my Sunday morning breakfast mopes aside).

It's not my actions that make me adult. Because my actions are supportive of who I am. And who I have been since well before anyone could have mistaken me for an adult. I make extra mortgage payments and think responsibly about the future because that makes me happy. If I didn't do those things I would be stressed out and unhappy.

So is it a state of mind? Maintaining the ability to have a liberal mindset? Continuing to be open to new experiences? A willingness to take risks?

I used to think that the best thing about being an 'adult' would be workplace respect. Assuming competence, of course. Well, I have comptence in spades and I still find myself being treated like a child. Rules, regulations, monitoring of social activities. At 20 I expected that, at 25 I tolerated it, at 30 it's really starting to piss me off.

I need to know the secret. At the very least so I can get other adults off my case.


Paper Bag Princess said...

Adults are often grumpy and stressed out in the workplace - maybe you aren't projecting enough stress and frazzled-ness. (:

This will all sound silly, and I am mostly kidding but are you perchance small in stature? I am 5'3 but swear I get am taken a bit more seriously since I started wearing heels that take me up to nearly 5'6. Wear glasses - according to Sterling that helps too! (:

Lady Rose said...

I am also 5'3". I never even considered that height might be a factor. But heels hurt my back!! What's a small girl to do.

I think you're onto something with the stress thing though. I don't ever really get stressed out at work which seems to make people very suspicious. Like either I don't know what I'm doing or I don't have nearly enough to do.

I'm afraid I'll never fit in with the grownups.

Sterling Lynch said...

Good post, good questions.

I was 45 when I was 16 and now that I am 34 I think I'm about 23.

Adults do not exist. Most people are children who play dress-up and forget it is a game (or perhaps never realized). Seriously, look closely, you will see what I mean. Some of us are children who play along but know it is a game. High school uber alles.

Meg said...

I'm not sure it's height related. I'm 5'9'. I wear 3-inch heels on a regular basis and I'm still the forgotten stepsister of our team.

Then again, I'm also only 25 and in the middle of a fierce hate-hate relationship with the office chi. So whatevs.

Paper Bag Princess said...
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Paper Bag Princess said...

Oops, that deleted comment was me!

This is top secret - us office 30-somethings are a wee bit suspicious and borderline jealous of you office 20-somethings. You're younger and fresher and you haven't yet assimilated into the Borg. hee hee, just kidding.

One thing that I notice as I get older is that I never feel any older. I still feel like a lamb, when if fact I am on the threshold of muttonhood. ha ha ha! I totally get in now when I hear ridiculously old people say 'but I still feel young'.