Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movie/Book Review

ooooo. I came close to failing this 101 task. I movie and book review per month! I have time if I had to start all over again but I'm already 25% complete and I don't want to start over.

So, this past weekend I watched Marley and Me. I do not recommend it. I'll admit that it would be a good one to put on the "I need a good cry" list. But there are better/more cryable movies out there. You know you're going to cry when the dog dies. You also know that won't happen until the end of the movie. So you spend 2 hours watching a disgusting portrait of "the ideal American life" just waiting for your dog tears.

If you want a good dead animal cry, I would recommend King Kong.

I also finished reading a set of books recently by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Both prequels to a book that I loved called Mists of Avalon.

Yeah, that's right. I read trashy fantasy novels based on Arthur mythology.

My verdict? Skip the appetizers and just read the delightfully trashy main course.


Meg said...

Hit me with some Arthur trash, Bebe.

Think it's long enough to tide me over on a trans-continental flight?

Paper Bag Princess said...

I tried reading the Mists of Avalon and it wasn't my cup tea. I guess I prefer my fanstasy trash in Twilight form. (:

What's truly shameful is that I saw a trailer for the Wolverine movie this morning and I got a twinge of wanting to see it! The eff??

Sterling Lynch said...

I read Mists of Avalon and liked it! It's a hard read to get going (the first 3rd is pretty slow moving) but it is a good read. Well, It was in 2nd year university.

Lady Rose said...

Sterling? you read trashy Arthur legend fantasy?! In my mind you are always reading something like John Donne poetry or The History of Sexuality.

PBP: trashy fantasy isn't for everyone, it's true. But there's no shame in wanting to see a movie starting Hugh hawt hawt Jackman! :)

Sterling Lynch said...

My girlfriend of the time loved it. Overall, I have a soft spot for the Arthur legend and trashy fantasy. I love the movie Excalibur!

Of course, now I only read executive summaries and blogs. Reading books is so inefficient.

Meg said...

Hawt Jackman, here we come. (Saturday, right?)

Drooling over Hawt Jackman makes me feel less pervy than drooling over Harry Potter, and less high school pathetic than drooling over Edward. And I totally drooled over Edward.

Lady Rose said...

oh Edward. swoon!

Sterling Lynch said...

I will give you ladies a minute alone ... :)

Paper Bag Princess said...

Oooooh, Edward. You've made a narsty, narsty lady out me. (:

hee hee hee