Thursday, April 09, 2009

On the bus...

...a high school aged Chinese boy tries to impress his three female companions (also Chinese) by posturing in a manner I associate with high school aged white boys. I do not think he is having much success

...a middle aged woman breezes past a series of empty seats to snark at a teenager to move over and make room for her. she then spends the next 10 minutes complaining about the state of society

...a gawky young adult dressed entirely in black surls on the seat next to me. he wears a toque despite the sunny, warm weather

...a 30 something construction dude stands and fiddles with his cell phone for 20 blocks. I think he is only pretending to check messages to have something to do

...a trio of whithered old ladies eschew the seats at the front that people try to offer them. they glare at me accusingly as they make their way to the back.

Fuck you old ladies. I'm in the middle of bus and 3 people just tried to get up for you. What the fuck are you glaring at me for? Is this your special seat on the bus or what?

GAWD! I hate public transit.