Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wii Fit: A Review

I just wrote a long and boring review of the Wii Fit. Then I read it over and realized it was long and boring. Here is my summary.
  1. I like Wii Fit
  2. Frequently I will do some Wii Fit rather than sit and read a book. I justify that even if I'm not always challenging myself that doing something is better than just sitting and reading
  3. Wii Fit would be vastly improved if you could program a series of excercises rather than fiddling about through menus after each activity

And I think I'll close off with a list of the first 5 things that pop into my head.

  1. I'm listening to the Britney Spears song If U Seek Amy right now
  2. My gray fleecy pants are getting a bit thin in the crotch. This makes me sad.
  3. That stain from that time I dropped a meatball on my slipper will never go away
  4. At least it's not an imaginary blood stain that I'm trying to scrub away
  5. Tomorrow night I'm going to watch the last two episodes of Doctor Who (Season 4). I'm unreasonably excited about this.