Friday, May 01, 2009


Who leaves working on a strategic communications plan to a Friday afternoon? Chumps, that’s who. Chumps like me. I’m quite certain that I have a brain, though I have no proof of that on this particular afternoon. Rather than managing to get any actual work done this afternoon I have:
  1. Fiddled around with different reports in Google Analytics.
  2. Worked on today’s Sudoku puzzle
  3. Checked some blogs
  4. Cleaned my desk
  5. Stared at a list of target audiences as if it was written in a foreign language
  6. Flossed
  7. Responded to 2 non-urgent, non-important emails
  8. Edited a blog article (important but not urgent, look at me hitting the right square)
  9. Filed a chipped nail
  10. Regretted my lunch choice

Dudes. Is it 4:30 yet? It is finally summer…or at least spring…and I want to sit on my deck and have a beer already!!


Meg said...

Look, I think you should re-classify replying to my emails as Important AND Urgent. You're my lifeline, and plus, developing a drinking game based on the frivolous film we're watching tonight is, in fact, time-sensitive.

I'm doing web updates. My most favourite task (legitimately). Woo-hoo!

Wayne C. said...

What you describe seems to pretty much be 90% of my daily activities.
Though my blog writing/commentary is essential for work/life balance :)

Lady Rose said...

I didn't used to blog at work actually. But now that I have a legitimate work reason to be in Blogger all the time it's just so easy to whip off a quick blog entry of my own.

I often wonder how much of an average day other people waste on inefficient activities. My office mate probably doesn't waste more than 10 minutes a day on non-work activities.

Of course, she accomplishes things much less quickly than I do. Which is why I feel owed my blog writing/commentary time!

Sterling Lynch said...

You guys should calculate your salaries based on the actual number of hours devoted to work rather than time spent at the office.

Wayne, I suspect, is probably making a $1000/hr. :)

Wayne C. said...

In my defense,I also work much more efficiently than many others but more importantly my work place hasn't really had that much for me to do for a very long time now.
They've kept me on because A) They like me and B)Everything I've done, I've also done well.

Thank God for blogging it has saved me from going completely insane.I am actually relieved that this contract is ending (on good terms)next Friday.

Paper Bag Princess said...

Pfft. A little (or a lot!) of on-the-job foolaroundery is paltry recompense for life-long servitude to the MAN.


Its kind of retro to talk about the MAN now isn't it? What do they call it now?

Sterling Lynch said...

I think it is fair to say that it always was and always will be the MAN!

Lady Rose said...

I think my paltry non-profit salary still ensures a low hourly wage. And I can't even use the MAN excuse because really, when I slack off at work PEOPLE DIE. Not actually, of course. But if I don't write that blog entry that convinces that at-risk population to reduce their risk activities, THEY WILL DIE.

Or so I like to tell myself.

Sterling Lynch said...

Wow! you do like to up the ante... :)

Paper Bag Princess said...

Argh, my activities are comparatively low-stakes. Like, ummm, if I don't design this poster, then that lecture will be POORLY attended...or if I don't check it, then that article MIGHT go to print with a TYPO.

Why do I get out of bed???


Sterling Lynch said...

Ah but in the end, one should play for the love of the game, regardless of the ante involved.

Of course, the strategy employed may shift depending on the size of the ante and over-estimating (or underestimating) the value of the ante may lead to unhelpful strategies.

This philosopher's break was brought to you by EI -- good to the last drop. .

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Sterling Lynch said...

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Lady Rose said...

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