Friday, June 12, 2009

Blogging - Ottawa Style

Tomorrow I leave for another exciting Canadian city but I thought I should do an Ottawa overview for your reading pleasure.

1. I have 7 blisters on my feet. I bought new shoes. And then walked to a different province in them! That's a total rookie traveler mistake and one I should be old enough to know better to avoid. It has put a bit of a damper on things for me because I mostly want to lie on benches and whine now.

2. I ate at The Works (and I had to take 2 buses to get there)! It was pretty good, but probably only 1 bus good.

3. I popped into the Chateau Laurier to poo (because when you need to do a #2 on the road, don't you want to do it at a 4 star Fairmont hotel?). Aside from it being a nice hotel I got to see my MP in action. He was nattering to some media dudes about the environment or something. I don't really know, I couldn't really hear him. It was just exciting to see my elected official doing something.

4. I saw 2 mediocre shows and 1 really great show at Magnetic North. Not bad for a festival by my standards. We managed to get an extra show in because I forgot we were actually here for 4 nights, not 3.

5. I got to stay in a boy apartment. It's interesting seeing how the other half live. There's less comfortable furniture but more beer. A fair trade I think.

I think I'll give Ottawa 3.5 stars out of 5. But the blisters may be unfairly skewing my ranking. I may have to revise that once my tender tootsies have healed.


Wayne C. said...

I can't believe meeting me didn't make it into your top 5! Surely, that experience alone should be enough to push Ottawa into the 4 stars category. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

Lady Rose said...

I didn't say it was my top 5, just an overview with 5 points. For all you know that extra .5 of a star was all you baby.

Paper Bag Princess said...

Well done, dah-ling. I hear the Chateau is *the* place to poo.

Give us the dirt on this 'boy' apartment. I am guessing Spartan Neat Freak Chic.

Lady Rose said...

The boy apartment is definitely spartan. But I would hestitate to call it Neat Freak.

I imagine it must be freeing in some ways to live without any stuff except what was necessary for day to day life.

That being said, the whole time I was there I was itching to buy a plant, assemble a scrapbook, frame a photo, or casually toss a brightly coloured throw cushion on the couch just to infuse some warmth into the place.

But I am very much a cozy room with plush furniture and bookshelves kind of gal! :)

Sterling Lynch said...

I nested once. Complete with pictures and coordinated throw pillows. I ended up selling / donating it all eventually.

Stuff is an encumbrance. :)

If I ever have money again, I will pay someone to make my place seem like a normal person lives in it.

Lady Rose said...

I think you just need to go minimalist chic, you know? Get one large painting, some modern cube furniture and three tall black vases and you're good to go. Still a minimum of stuff, but now with style!

Sterling Lynch said...

I agree and would experiment along those lines if I had disposable income.

Meg said...

Even a plant. A plant adds so much to a home, or an office, though I disagree with a motivational tactic I read about this week that stated that all employees need to be productive and happy is a plant in their office.

I need a lot more than that. Like a cooler fully stocked with diet coke. And a nap lounge.

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