Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity Jig.

Where it smells like lilacs, I sleep in a supremely comfortable bed, and even after it rains the air is deliciously dry. Though there is less two kind swirly ice cream here.

A Montreal overview:
  1. A failure to purchase cute shoes!?! I guess my shoe mojo just wasn't working for me on this particular trip. But don't worry, I still got my shop on. A new wallet, 2 tops, 4 scarves, one necklace and a kick ass piece of art later, Montreal has left it's mark on my life.
  2. Montreal Fringe! We didn't know the fringe was on until our last day but we managed to catch two shows. The Secret Love Life of Ophelia and Fucking Stephen Harper. Neither were particularly good but it was still a fringing good time.
  3. Montreal smoked meat! At the famous (?) Schwartz's Deli. I still don't like smoked meat but I did enjoy a delicious pickle!
  4. More bakery failures! When we were in Paris a couple of years ago I had a list of 5 specific patisseries I wanted to visit. All 5 has already closed for the summer, one the day before we made it there. Apparently bakeries in Montreal are closed on Mondays. D'oh! I still managed to find a delicious pain au chocolat though so all was well.
  5. I would live there. The city is beautiful and lively and friendly and easy to navigate. If not for my loathing of humidity I'd be all over this place.

All in all, a fairly enjoyable Canadian vacation.


Paper Bag Princess said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you had a good vacay! I love Montreal and Ottawa, and would gladly live in either - humidity and all!

Sterling Lynch said...

Humidity sucks but the storms that kill it are nice.

I saw Ophelia in the Ottawa Fringe. Three line review pending ....

Lady Rose said...

I assume the three lines means you thought it was awful. Or maybe you found something good in it. The only thing that kept me awake through that play was the fact that the venue had the ac turned so high both the noise and the cold kept me us.

but still, always a fringing good time!

Sterling Lynch said...

I didn't find it awful. By three lines, I was intending only to refer to my rather brief reviews in my blog.